Join L&M Perk Rewards and get rewarded while you shop. You'll get 100 points for signing up. What are you waiting for?!?
HOW DO I SIGN UP? Click the link above to create an account. Once you have created an account click on the gift icon at the right of your screen to access your rewards or log in here.
HOW DO I CHECK MY POINTS STATUS? Simply log into your account here to check your points and rewards status. 
DO MY POINTS EXPIRE? No your points do not expire. 
HOW DO I EARN MORE POINTS? You earn points on every L&M Boutique purchase you make on the website or on our app. There are other ways to earn points as well such as social media engagement and referring friends. Learn more about the ways to earn by logging into your rewards account. 
HOW DO I REDEEM MY REWARD POINTS? Visit the rewards page and udner the rewards section you can find which reward vouchers are available to be redeemed. 
CAN I USE MY REWARD COMBINED WITH A DISCOUNT CODE? Unfortunately no, our system only allows us to use one code at a time. 
CAN I USE MY REWARD COMBINED WITH A GIFT CARD? Yes you can use your rewards with a gift card just not a discount code. 
HOW DO I REFER A FRIEND FOR REWARDS? Under the earn points secion you can refer a friend. Simply click the referral link and copy it. Send to your friend you would like to refer. She will get a $5 off coupon for her first purchase and you will receive a $5 off coupon in your rewards!